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Every CFDP Base license allow one Account Use.

For Multiple Account Management within the same Platform you would need to Buy Multiple CFDP Base License 


This robot stand for Crocodile FX where we wanted an EA to wait and get into market in the right conditions.
it will do virtual trades and internal calculation invented by NGFXEA team to find the best time to approach the market when all the conditions met.
it does martingale trades . on M30 and H4 on almost 20 charts.

Price: 200 Euros life time license and updates for 3 accounts


This Robot Stand for Cheri fais moi des pips developed by our Frenchy NGFXEA team.
This Robot is an enhancement of CrocoFX where we have new Console and More dynamic strategy.
although this Robot is more expensive but worth every Penny .

Price : 500 Euros life time license and 100 euros yearly for upgrade subscriptions . Available for 3 accounts


This Robot has the same Console like the CFDP-DYN but it has different parameters where it trade only one level no Martiginal.

Price : 500 Euros life time license and 100 euros yearly for upgrade subscriptions . Available for 3 accounts

 NGFXEA EAs takes only a few minutes to install and load. All installation Details will be provided in your Member Area.

if you would require more assistance you can reach to us by email and we will be happy to help

NGFXEA stands for New Generation forex Expert advisor. We provide with 100% automated currency trading program designed to run on the Metatrader 4 platform in the foreign exchange market.

While Most of the Forex Ea’s running on MT4 are limited to MQL Language
Our  EA’s are coded in C# and communicate with MT4 through a unique API developed by NGFXEA Team.

This will allow you to have:

  • One Centralized Console where you see all charts , calculation , account info and parameters and so on.
  • Trade decision are done through a central brain which is correlating  the live data from all charts and signals .
  • Same for Money management where the central brain could see all trades. charts and possible next trades and will take exit decisions based your risk configuration.
  • Powerful back test platform with Genetic Algorithm which allowed us to study the last 10 years market and come up with the most convenient parameters.
  • live events scheduler which you could setup to freeze trading  for all high risk news or any other event
  •  and Much more features .. which you would be exploring as soon as you start using our EA's

We don't have any Broker Requirements as CFDP can work with any Broker.

It all depends on the Settings and Stratey you are using, Though EA's will wait for the appropriate Market Conditions before Trading.
As Average it use the first week to study the Market and then it can do multiple Trades per week

If you are using pico lots Broker you can start as minimum as 200 Dollar

It is impossible to say exactly how much Robots will make month to month as It depends  on the Risk you want to put on your accounts. Though you can follow Our live real money accounts in the performance page .

If our settings provided does not fit with your Trading Strategy , you can use CFDP Platform to create your own settings,

or do Manual Trades.

you can send us email with the Trading logs , we will verify that and after that we will proceed with the Refund